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Buy Farm Chicks, Poultry Eggs and Poultry Chicken at wholesale rates.

About Royal Farm

A reputable name in the Indian agri farming business, we are a West Bengal based producer and wholesaler of Farm Chicks, Poultry Chicken and Poultry Eggs. Chicken and eggs being the most popular protein choices for numerous Indian consumers, we always enjoy steep demand of our products.

We initiated business at a small scale with minimal upfront investment in 2001. However, with time, we have invested well in sheds, lands, manpower and other resources to raise Broiler Baby Chicks, Poultry Farm Chicken, Sonali Chicks, etc., under the best conditions. We give our birds different diets that are organic and free from any harmful additives, which makes our range ideal for meat and egg production. Since like humans, chickens too need to be vaccinated for keeping them immune from a host of diseases, we make sure we periodically vaccinate our birds as per approved norms and standards of bird welfare and meat quality. Besides raising chicks and offering them at affordable rates, we also offer interested buyers protein-enriched and low-cost Table Brown Eggs, Fresh Farm Egg, etc.

"We want inquiries related to Brand name (Sonali) only." 


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There are many poultry farmers in India commercially selling the same products that we do. However, unlike them, we do not simply target consumers but keep their benefits in mind as we work. From proper site selection, abiding by relevant regulations and norms to keeping focus on water quality, food quality and hygiene as we rear birds, we do it all so that we stay ethical and client-friendly in business. Having all the basics in place, we then sell products that are up to the expectations of our consumers.

Conditions We Focus On
  • So that our birds produce to the best of their abilities later, we give maximum attention to the feed formulae our birds receive. We contact poultry nutritionists who give us in-depth ideas of what to feed birds to keep them healthy.
  • Wrongly constructed sheds can affect the health of birds, even leading to deaths. Therefore, we make sure our Broiler Baby Chicks, Sonali Chicks, and Poultry Farm Chicken are kept in clean and well-lit sheds that are ventilated, receive adequate lighting, etc. Even when birds are kept in small colony cages, we make sure the cages are clean and spacious.
  • We make sure that we have reliable electricity and round the clock water source access in our sheds.
"We want inquiries related to Brand name (Sonali) only."